GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Thursday, October 4, 2018

John Paul Getty III

                                                                                                                 Photo: AP Images.

I've been watching Trust on the BBC about the Getty family and it rekindled memories from the 70s.

In 1976, I had a girlfriend who managed comedians and was working at the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. I seemed to be spending a lot of time there and someone had the idea that I might like to manage the main room--a 'Vegas-style showroom--where talent like Shelley Berman, Dick Gregory and Mort Sahl were appearing. It was not a very glamorous assignment and had as much to do with making certain the waitresses prepared the room before the crowds were allowed entrance as it did with coordinating back stage activities like curtain time and making sure that Shelley had his preferred Anchor Steam Beer and Mort Sahl his current copy of the L.A. Times from which he affected to find stories that were, in fact, his prepared material ("I find the apostle Paul appealing and the apostle Peale appalling" quoting Adlai Stevenson posthumously). 

At some point, people involved with making an A.F.I. film presented themselves and asked to shoot part of their film in the main room and were given permission. I was handed the job of riding herd on them, which I was happy to do. The unit manager/assistant director was John Paul Getty III. The producer was his mother Gail Harris as I recall and the director may have been Gail's boyfriend, if memory serves, and I believe his name was Gordon though I am not certain of this. 

They had a full crew and work proceeded in the main room and I gradually got a sense of the story line about a comedian. Paul was an affable fellow and we got along very well. He took his duties seriously and always seemed to be on top of things. Occasionally, Paul would talk to me about trouble they were having with dialogue or getting a performance out of an actor. I would make a suggestion that he would pass on to the director and, before you know it, I was writing one scene after another for the film (complete with notes for the actor). I remember sitting in the midst of all the film crew chaos in the main room writing as though I were at home in a quiet room.

Another problem surfaced as the lead actor and the director were having 'creative differences' and the actor refused to take direction from the director. Paul asked if I would act as their go-between, which I did and things moved along.

I was sorry to see them go when they had completed their scenes after several days. The next time I would see Paul Getty was on the screen in Wim Wenders' film The State of Things in which he played a role on the screen very much like the role he played in real life at the Comedy Store on the A.F.I. film. Geoffrey Carey, the actor son of Philip Carey, who I knew from Paris was also in the Wenders film.

Though my contact with Paul Getty was limited to working with him on the film, I was impressed with how accessible he was and easy he was to get along with. One would never have guessed his background nor his tragic future. I sense he loved filmmaking as much as I...

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Exigence: Future Tense M&E

This is another section of an M&E track for our feature film Exigence that I am creating for the distributor wherein we hear music cues and background sounds as the characters played by Pry'ce Jaymes and Shane Lewis discuss their predicament.

The visuals are from an earlier version that had not yet been color corrected just to create an accurate timeline for the audio. It's a tedious process as you might imagine given that every time Pry'ce and Shane delve into their Chinese takeaway with the plastic forks, I had to place the sound on the track one scrape at a time...

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

101 to the 405: "The closet"

101 to the 405: "The closet" with Devorah Firestone and Gordon Maniskas with Jeanne Coppola on camera. Color correction and sound EQ come later...

Friday, September 14, 2018

Look Into Darkness: Pry'ce & Shane

Look Into Darkness: Pry'ce Jaymes and Shane Lewis as condemned men sharing a last supper on the eve of their execution--special thanks to Jaymes Young. We shot this earlier in the week and all of the post production sound--the EQ in order to reduce room tone echo, for example--is done later. I did add some prison sounds in the background to give a sense of the institutional atmosphere to this clip...

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Look Into Darkness: Antoinette & Tammi

Look Into Darkness: Antoinette Greene pays a visit to Tammi Rogers playing the woman who sent someone to kill her brother--co-producer Pry'ce Jaymes on set as I direct via Skype...

Monday, September 3, 2018

Look Into Darkness: BTS Tammi & Antoinette

Look Into Darkness: Behind the scenes yesterday--my view via Skype--as we shoot Tammi Rogers and then Antoinette Greene with co-producer Pry'ce Jaymes on set.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

101 to the 405: New tenant

101 to the 405: Devorah Firestone sizes up a new tenant played by Raef Lawson in a scene we shot yesterday for our movie about the secret lives of L.A. inhabitants--Tom Gurnee ran camera..

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Exigence: Kbaby Nate scene M&E

This is another scene from our feature film Exigence for the M&E track (music & effects) where all the spoken dialogue is removed and only music cues and sound effects remain so that the film can be dubbed in foreign languages. Here we see Kbaby Nate, Tom Maseth and Pry'ce Jaymes--special thanks to Jaymes Young.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Exigence: M&E track for opening

This is the M&E (music & effects) track for the opening of our feature film Exigence. The dialogue between Pry'ce James and Tom Maseth has been stripped out as has Pry'ce's voice-over narrative after the credits and only the sound effects and music remain with the picture allowing foreign distributors to dub the film into their own language.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

101 to the 405: "Where's Eddie?!"

101 to the 405: "Where's Eddie?!" with Devorah Firestone and Gordon Maniskas--A taste of L.A. life in the style of Elmore Leonard...