GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dino 206 photos from Serge

I received these delightful Dino photos from Serge Dermanian who maintained the cars in the Ralph Lauren collection for many years along with the following note:


I noticed you had a picture of a Dino 206. Let me tell you that I adored this little car. I would like to make a point concerning this model, I owned the original prototype Dino 206 serial number 206. Many stories have been written, with a question mark leaving blank this serial number.

In 1970, while I owned HPC in Waltham, MA, an Italian businessman had left this car as a consignment sale. I kept this little gem in my MG showroom and someone who later drove by from Connecticut purchased the car from me. The car was red with an alloy body, leather seats with red cloth inserts, wood steering wheel and knock-off hubs. The Dino had only a few thousand miles and the warranty booklet showed that it was sold new to a young Italian lady in Rome in the summer of 1968.

Later I imported another Dino 206, yellow with an alloy body (serial number 362), black vinyl seats and knock-off hubs. I kept this car for years, until I sold it to a Connecticut physician.

There are lots of details concerning these cars, perhaps if you like it I could write some more about them.

Regards, my friend, where ever you are.

Serge Dermanian

I would like that very much, Serge!

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