GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marc Sonnery, author of Rebel, Rebel at Elysée Wednesday

Last night was a special occasion at Elysée Wednesday. Marc Sonnery, author of Rebel, Rebel (the book about the Ferrari Breadvan) joined us and it was the first time I've seen him since I interviewed Marc in Paris and we visited my former GTO at the Louvre where Ralph Lauren had it on display with other cars in his collection.

The local 'inner circle' of Ferrari enthusiasts from a golden era congregated to catch up on unheard anecdotes and other chicanery. Ed Niles (former Breadvan owner and Ferrarista Emeritus), Matthew Ettinger (former Breadvan owner and raconteur extraordinaire), Peter Helm (who shot the GTO footage I narrated of us on Mulholland and at Willow Springs) and I have spent time with each other over the years but it was the first time we had been together in the same location since Matthew crashed one of his Ferraris back in the day. Larry Crane (Automobile Quarterly) is an EW member who has also bridged the time gap with his remarkable photos of my GTO taken at Riverside Raceway in the sixties and his appearance in Elysée Wednesday: Drive! piloting Scott McClure's magnificent Dino.

Marc signed everyone's copy of Rebel, Rebel and anyone missing this opportunity will have another chance in two weeks. His new book on Maserati promises to be an important look at the brand. Marc, by the way, is partial to the Maserati Khamsin.

It was fun to see the reaction of Elysée Wednesday regulars to this somewhat historic event and to see them connect with a magical moment in time.

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