GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Friday, October 25, 2013

For my friends at Stage 32

Stage 32 Next Level webinars presents: How to Shoot a Feature film in 15 Days and Survive to See Profits. Join Stephen Mitchell as he discusses how to make movies using a logical, if unconventional, approach that will establish your brand as a filmmaker and accelerate your career.

"There is nothing like having a movie producing credit to separate you from the crowd. Whether you are a writer, director or actor, the quickest way to move your career forward is to produce a movie. Find out how to get it done while everyone else is waiting for Divine Intervention."
- Stephen Mitchell

Some topics will include:
  • Why 'If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, there's no point to being Muhammad" should color everything you do as a filmmaker
  • How to use an actor's brand in order to make your film more compelling (or how to brand the actor if he or she doesn't appear to have one)
  • Why you must film your truth rather than your story
  • How saying you're sorry is better than asking for permission applies to the art of independent (and not-so-independent) filmmaking
  • Why it is better to film out of town regardless of where you live?
  • How to get impossible-to-get locations for your film shoots
  • Why are budgets extraneous
  • What to do when you discover that your leading actor a) gets a much shorter haircut a week into production or that b) he can't act
  • Find out why a book on marketing will be the most important book you ever read about advancing your film career
  • Why the senior dictate in Hollywood isn't "It's who you know" but rather "It's who knows about you."
  • Why you should know your own brand as a filmmaker before you shoot your first scene
  • That everything you put on the screen sends a message and how to make sure it is your message
"I originally started working with Stephen as an actress, but he very quickly decided that I needed to learn writing, producing and directing. I protested, at first, but boy am I glad he insisted. Under his guidance and mentorship I learned everything I use today in my career as a filmmaker. To date, I have had two films go out worldwide on the festival circuit that I wrote, produced and directed, both of which won numerous awards and accolades and the second of which was in the pool to be nominated for an Academy Award in 2011. I currently have two more films that are just starting their festival journeys, along with several projects in development. Stephen's approach combines real-world practicalities with proven techniques, so you're not just learning a methodology taught from a book or a classroom, you're learning practical, useful tools that you can immediately apply to your own work."
Kathi Carey, Stage 32 member, Actress/Writer/Producer/Director
"Stephen taught us to take whatever situations that others might label 'big problems' or 'disasters' and work them into the narrative so that the project would ALWAYS finish on time and with story-line integrity.
One of my favorite moments occurred on a cold January afternoon. A mild throat irritation escalated to a SEVERE case of laryngitis on my way to the studio. I arrived on set without a voice. Stephen was directing the show and took my condition in stride. 'This is not a problem' he said and promptly adjusted the scene so that whispered dialogue became the new and essential ingredient of our action. No one seeing that scene today would suspect that I couldn't speak.
We who had the privilege of being a part of the New Hollywood System left with invaluable tools for use in film and television as well as the consummate professional's attitude and capability. We could put a finished film together in a week or a full half-hour for television in a day. It was exhilarating, enriching, enlightening and ennobling.
Anyone lucky enough to participate in Stephen's webinar will come away with a piece of this magic, which has a value beyond estimation."
J.T. Grimm,Stage 32 member, Actor/Writer
"I had the opportunity to work with Stephen on EW:Drive! and really enjoyed the way he approached directing. His natural ease behind the camera put all of us in front of it at ease while driving some very expensive classic supercars. Stephen knows how to bring out the best in a moment and let the performer's personality shine through, while highlighting the important points in the storyline. I think I speak for all of us involved when I say that I look forward to filming the next episode with him!"
Kira Gurnee, Stage 32 member, Actress/Producer/Director
"Stephen Mitchell is a lover of cinema . From my chats with Stephen, I have learned so much about the magic of cinema, especially about the subliminal on the screen and breaking down scenes that make audience members swoon--from acting, directing, producing and writing. He has enriched me with breakdowns on blocking, cinematography, actors actions and reactions, to branding and why is important and how to connect with as many constitute groups in the audience as possible. Stephen is an encyclopedia about movies, from old Hollywood to the new and beyond, mixed with interesting stories about the industry and the stars themselves! Take a webinar with Stephen and you will walk away much wiser and entertained!"
Rachael Wegener, Stage 32 member, Actress/Producer/Director
"The gift of being around and working with Stephen is not only to witness how his brilliant, avant-garde mind works but to also be the beneficiary of his innate filmmaking intelligence."
Tom Gurnee, Stage 32 member, Actor/Writer, author of Moving to L.A. for Acting 

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