GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Sunday, January 26, 2014


In 1980, I founded an entertainment industry think tank labeled The New Hollywood Studio System which operated as a repertory company for film and television. One of the properties to emerge from this fertile environment was the Action/ReAction technique that I created for our actors. The group was active until 2001 and the technique developed continuously during those years. It is still expanding now that I am presenting webinars and Skype lessons on the subject.

The first half of the book presents the fundamentals of Action/ReAction designed to help an actor develop very quickly. Those who have participated in my webinars will have seen how a novice can take on the look of a seasoned actor within five to ten minutes using just two facets of the technique.

The second half of the book describes a part of my history in Hollywood encountering some very extraordinary people in the film business, including Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen, and producing independent movies and TV shows that led to the creation and development of the Action/ReAction technique.

The book just went live on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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