GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An emergency meeting with POTUS (Ignorance is Bliss excerpt)

Martin Bliss was in a state of bewilderment as he lay in his bed at the George Washington University Hospital where he had been admitted under an assumed name. Brandi had just administered a sponge bath with a happy ending when Martin’s CIA-furnished doctor entered the private room. The badge he wore proclaimed ‘Major’ and Martin wondered if that was his name or rank.

“So, what’s the word, Eddie?” Brandi had a way of getting on a first name basis with males, regardless of name or rank.

“You’ll be glad to know it wasn’t a heart attack,” the doctor explained to Brandi as though Martin were absent. “I believe this episode was merely a reaction to overwhelming circumstances the Senator may be confronting. Just look what he went through for those Boat People. Can he take some time off for R and R?”

“Maybe we should ask him,” Martin interjected.

“You have no idea the stress he’s been under,” she told him. “He’s one of the most important men in the U.S. Senate and I get overwhelmed just seeing what he’s up against.”

“Perhaps you’re due for a complete physical.” Clearly the doctor didn’t need a ton of bricks to fall on him. “My nurse will call you to make an appointment.”

Major Eddie, or Eddie Major, left without further discussion.

“Nice work,” Martin observed.


“No, I mean him. Nice work, if you can get it, and I bet he can.”

“What are we going to do about Rrina?” she asked, changing the subject. “She’s obviously not working to your instructions.”

“The only voice she ever listens to is the one screaming in her head; not that I’ve ever complained.”

Before any further discussion could take place, the door opened and two paramedics entered the room with an ambulance gurney followed by two Secret Service agents.

“Hi, fellas,” Martin greeted them.

“We’re taking you to the White House for an emergency meeting with POTUS,” one of the agents explained as the paramedics transferred Martin to the gurney.

Brandi followed them down to a private entrance where they loaded Martin into the back of a flower delivery van. She blew him a kiss as the door slid shut and then took the rest of the afternoon off to do some writing on her memoirs.

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