GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Carrera Panamericana

I have begun work on a documentary project about the Carrera Panamericana road races held in Mexico from 1950-54. These five-day races were colorful, fast and dangerous--perhaps the most dangerous in the world--and required extraordinary skill and bravery on the part of the drivers just to survive the ordeal.

In addition to using original footage shot during the race, I am interviewing people who were there or have standing to comment and offer perspective on these historic races. If you know of anyone who should be included in this document of an extraordinary competition, please let me know or have them contact me.

Thank you in advance.


sbaker17 said...

Mr. Mitchell:
Apparently Ed Niles has put you in touch with my Dad, Sharon Baker.
I have a few boxes of 35mm slides that were taken during the '54 event, along with a 16mm film reel that my Dad shot while riding 'shotgun' in one of the chase cars being driven by Bill Zaring. The 16mm reel was copied to VHS sometime ago. If you feel you could use some of this, contact me thru

Thank you

Scott Baker

Dermot Duggan said...


I saw your post on Ferrari Life, and was fascinated by your description of your 250GTO. I think I read that you sold it, are you still a Ferrari owner? I'm based in California myself and drive a 430 Scuderia (not quite a GTO) it's my 6th Ferrari, but I'm considering buying a vintage Ferrari in the future and I wonder if you had any advice on you favorite ( budget approx $1m)

All the best

Dermot Duggan

Stephen Mitchell said...

@Scott, Happy to say we are doing an on-camera interview with your father this weekend!

Your website brought back my own memories of El Mirage and Willow Springs.

@Dermot, After owning many vintage models including the GTO, a 206SP and some Lussos amongst others, I am considering my first modern...

Ralph Lauren is the current owner of 'my' GTO.

Vic said...

Looking forward to the end result of your project on La Carrera Panamericana!