GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cannes: Day 3

The previous evening ended with a decision to indulge in un diner gastronomique and we found ourselves in Vieil Antibes at a small restaurant, L'Amboise, run by a couple where we enjoyed a sumptuous meal including a broccoli risotto that was sublime. During my last visit to the old section of Antibes, I was shooting scenes for my movie Point of Departure and making a tour of this wonderful area again was a real treat. Its charm is from another era and it is very easy to imagine living in those times.

Day Three began at the Caffe Roma where some interesting projects were presented to us including one which had a very well-known writer/director who had previously taken an informal option on one of my (Interview) stories attached. Life comes in circles...

I saw a white Ferrari Italia on La Croisette following a beautiful and very old, black VW convertible in what seemed like brand new condition that was being towed. My eye followed the VW. Later I saw a Ferrari 348 in Cap d'Antibes which was as close as I could get to a vintage sighting. By far, the California dominated in terms of Ferraris on the scene.

After a visit to the market, we moved on to poolside at the Hôtel Majestic where more projects came our way including one from an English team that was very interesting and reminiscent to me of The Shout, the 1978 film with Alan Bates, John Hurt and Susannah York. Carol Anderson, from Los Angeles, made her first 'Elysée Wednesday' meeting with us at the Majestic and was a nice addition to Gianni, an Italian actor, and the producers whose company we enjoyed.

Cannes: Day 4

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