GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ferrari FF

Last night I attended the unveiling of the Ferrari FF at the Ace Gallery in Beverly Hills. Marco Mattiacci, president of Ferrari North America, pulled back the fitted, red car cover to reveal a Ferrari that is not unlike the famous Breadvan of yore, at least in silhouette. The FF (Ferrari Four, as it has four seats and four wheel drive) was said to be the only one currently in the US and was striking in silver with dark blue leather. I noted how nicely the camera and lights package would fit in the back with the rear seats folded down as I go about shooting the GTO documentary. Hmmm...

A couple of familiar faces from Elysée Wednesday were present at the unveiling--Roberto Prado of the Ariadne Media Group, who graciously arranged for my invitation, and Kenny Lombino of the Ferrari Club of America. The event was well attended by people who knew what they were seeing and the talk was appreciative of the FF's specification. A Polish prince I spoke with had already placed his order.

I told
Marco Mattiacci that I had been prepared not to like the FF for any number of reasons but that, upon seeing the car and getting a sense of it from behind the wheel, I think it will be a successful model for Ferrari. This put a smile on his face and I suspect that he has heard the same sentiment many times. It is truly a high performance car in a thoroughly modern idiom. I would have one.

Photo: John Evans


Roy said...

I still don ´t like it, but I have yet to see it "live".

( I have had he same problem a few times before;-)

Mike Gulett said...


I have been thinking about the looks of this new Ferrari and have not liked it in pictures. I have not seen one in person yet but all of the reviews are very positive.

Your opinion is interesting.

Vic said...

I saw the FF this weekend at the Rodeo Drive Concours and I must say that the car looks rather good up close.