GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ferrari GTO: Audio recorded in Paris for Marc Sonnery

"Hi Mr Mitchell,

I'm 13 and I have a huge passion for cars. I am fascinated by the fact that you drove your GTO every day, just like it was made to. I wish everyone would do that...Can I ask, where might I find the tape that describes the difference of the car when you owned it and now? It sounds very interesting to hear it.

Thanks, hope to hear from you!

A kid"

Here you are. This audio track was recorded in Paris for Marc Sonnery as we did a walk-around of 3987 while it was on exhibition at L'art de l'automobile, Les Arts et Métiers.

From Serge Dermanian who looked after 3987 and the other cars in the Ralph Lauren collection:

"Stephen..great! Love it! My comments:

The dry sump oil tank, holds about 24qts of lubricant. I remember it well when I owned GTB-C
9027, I opened a full case of Castrol GTX oil to fill the thank, & so, so right about the deep stick! You had to get the engine really warm so oil reaches the running temp. This had to be done with the engine running at idling!

I have mixed emotions about the front driving lights. These are ordinary, rectangular Cibié lights fitted in to a recessed body area.

Good work! Regards!!
Serge Dermanian"


Vic said...

Wonderful to hear the audio as you did the walk around the GTO in Paris. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your take on the changes made to the GTO by Mr. Lauren and the history of you and your GTO.

Hope the documentary on the GTO is going well.

Looking forward to more great post on the GTO.

Stephen Mitchell said...

Thank you, Vic!