GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Monday, December 19, 2011

Addiction Incorporated premiere in New York‏

The first thing that caught my attention at the premiere of Addiction Incorporated at the Film Forum in New York was the theater marquee. Not only was Addiction announced as a New York Times Critics' Pick but it shared the marquee with the iconic French cinema classic Wages of Fear (Le salaire de la peur) by Henri-Georges Clouzot starring Yves Montand, a film that inspired two remakes--Violent Road (aka Hell's Highway) directed by Howard W. Koch in 1958 and Sorcerer directed by William Friedkin in 1977. Addiction Incorporated was in very good company.

(Stephen with Victor DeNoble)

The theater was packed and the audience very attentive. During the Q&A session with producer/director Charlie Evans Jr. and the film's principal Victor DeNoble it became obvious that a very informed public was in attendance. Many of the faces in the audience could be seen on the screen including Mitchell Zeller (Associate Commissioner and director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Tobacco Programs and served as the FDA’s representative on tobacco issues in all dealings with the Congress, federal and state agencies, public health groups and foreign governments from 1993 until June 2000) and Steven C. Parrish (who served as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Regulatory Affairs, Philip Morris Companies Inc.). Also in the audience was Sheelah A. Feinberg of the Coalition for a Smoke-free City A very informed audience, one might say.

(Mitchell Zeller with Stephen)

The premiere presented the opportunity to reacquaint myself with authors Thomas O'Callaghan, his wife Eileen, and Martin Fitzpatrick (who shares my passion for all things John le Carré) who were invited by Jeanetta Dumouchel.

(Stephen with Martin Fitzpatrick)

(Jeanetta Dumouchel and Martin Fitzpatrick)

The 'after party' was an opportunity to meet personally with others involved or having an interest in the project and I especially enjoyed speaking with Mitchell Zeller, Sheelah Feinberg, Tony Cedras (who played various instruments on the Addiction musical score) and his friend Lydia Matthews who is Dean of Academic Programs at Parsons The New School for Design.

(Tony Cedras with Stephen)

(Stephen with Lydia Matthews)

(Lydia Matthews and Jeanetta Dunouchel)

It was a privilege to be a part of this project as a co-producer and Charlie is due full honors not only for the fine result but for the impact the film is already having on those who have seen it. My advice would be to show Addiction Incorporated to someone you love. I'll be following my own advice this week showing it to someone who is very close to me.
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