GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Colin Crabbe and his Ferrari TRC

I met Colin Crabbe in the late 60s. I already knew his name from reading copies of Motor Sport magazine, which chronicled his exploits in vintage and modern racing and carried advertisements for his Antique Automobiles establishment. Colin raced a Mercedes W125 pre-war Grand Prix car that I believe I laid eyes upon when I visited his garage in England in ‘Baston near Peterborough’ as his ads proclaimed (though Colin wasn’t on the premises the day of my visit). He was also a privateer Formula 1 entrant (shades of Rob Walker) with Ronnie Peterson driving in his debut F1 year in a March 701. Colin entered Vic Elford in a Mclaren M7A and a Cooper-Maserati in 1969.

My meeting Colin took place in Los Angeles. He was in town to buy exotic and classic cars and was being shown about by our mutual friend Gary Wales. Gary thought I would like to meet Colin—he was right—and I joined them. I liked Colin right away, possessed as he was of an unflagging British sense of humor and an obvious love of cars. Seeing that I was driving my Ferrari GTO, Colin made a quick decision to ride with me leaving Gary to drive solo in his own car, which might have been an impeccable 1948 Jaguar drop head though it could easily have been his stunning, white SIII Bentley. Today, Gary forwarded a note from Colin that appears below. I hope that one of our readers might be able to help.  

Dear Gary, 

Here is a recent photograph of my TRC but now I have a problem getting out of the car! I have now owned the beast for nearly 30 years but in order to sell it I need a 4 cylinder TR engine. Stupid really as the V12 is a far better unit! Your help would be beneficial - thanks! 


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