GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Look Into Darkness

The Convicted (Pry'ce Jaymes): There's not a word you said in here tonight that I did not hear!
The Believer (Shane Lewis): I don't need you to hear me; I need you to understand.

The Sister (Antoinette Greene): It's less a question of the Lord listening to either one of us than it is of me listening to the angry voices screaming in my head. 
The Neighborhood Lady (Tammi Rogers): I got something you can take for that. It kicks in in about fifteen minutes and the next thing you know, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are all going right past you like a Greyhound bus on the interstate.

The Judge (Katrina Wiskup): What you got here tonight you ain't never gonna walk off.
The Journalist (Frances Mitchell): No, I don't think I will.

The Pastor (Tom Maseth): When was the last time you saw your husband?
The Wife (Debbie Hartner): Well, I visited as often as I could but as time went by it became less and less.

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