GTO 3987 on Mulholland

GTO 3987 on Mulholland

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ferrari 275 GTB/C

Serge Dermanian sent me these photos and note in response to the Ferrari 275 GTB post. The GTB/C would be a very exciting car to own and drive. I’m sure that Serge made good use of it!


I always loved the GTB's new look and this one unique, serial #6021! Yes, the original GTB/C prototype! Alloy body, yes!

I was the lucky fellow, who owned this superb Ferrari. It came with the "used cars stock" when I purchased High ¨Performance Cars of Waltham, Mass. in 1969. I had sold it to a fellow who ripped the drive shaft splines while drag racing on the streets of Boston!

The drive shaft was a simple steel rod with only a bearing holding the center support that I shimmed to line it up & prevent vibrations! That nutty owner had been jailed! He abandoned the car and the new owner asked me to restore the car. I took the engine & gear box out and the body to the body shop across the street who had to make a new nose from stock aluminum stock.

Look at the engine on my shop ready for assembly & completed before fitting back in the car. People always complained of Ferraris smoking engines. I made the factory recommended modification of replacing the soft copper bronze valve guides by shaving the guide pedestals flush to the cylinder heads (I had the bulletin from Chinetti). I also modified the clutch release bearing holder as required, installed the new style valve guides with the Teflon stem seals.

This car was what we call safely the "GTB/C prototype". I remember the floorboard was made of fiberglass. Look at the brake cooling louvers on the rear fenders. The seats were made of leather with black tweed cloth inserts. The front parking lamps had a rectangular Plexiglas covers.

My slides are dated march 1976. Hope you like this mail!

Serge Dermanian"

Serge, I enjoyed it very much!


Vic said...

Very cool!

AC said...

I love that first picture! the flaw in the print is just perfect somehow! thanks for these Ferrari posts

Kathie Americanmusclecar said...

Very nice 275 GTBC